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Complete Website needs from hosting to integration of e-commerce, email automation, registrations, event ticketing and scheduling - I can handle all the tech and design needs so that you can focus on what you do best.

All Sabas Websites include...


Hosting & Domain Management

I know the techy stuff feels heavy which is why I take care of it for you. The hosting at Sabas provides you with the following and you don't need to worry about it once you are signed up with Sabas hosting!

  • SSL
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Automated Backups
  • Optimized With Advanced Caches
  • Auto Healing
  • Regular Security Patching
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers


Concerned about support? I provide a support pack with your website! Use support time to trouble shoot any problems you have, or to make some extra development changes.  
You receive 2 hours of support with your web package and they never expire.  I also offer extra support time packages after you've used your 2 hours.


You Control Your Updates

Ever waited on your web designer to make small text or photo changes? It's frustrating! This is why I provide video tutorials on how to use my drag and drop builder in wordpress! It's simple, fast and you will LOVE IT!


Customized Web Design

Created with your branding in mind. Your site will be customized to the needs of your organization. Your photos, your words, your information, your colors, and most importantly; your call to action.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO ready! Your site includes search engine optimization so your site ranks high on google and other search engines.


Fast Load

Optimized design & hosting for fast load time. Most people don't like to wait for a site to load. I optimize all websites so visitors don't close out the site during loading time.  I also provide dedicated server hosting needed for your site size and traffic. This means that your hosting company doesn't slow you down. 


Responsive Design

responsive website will automatically shrink on a mobile phone to preview a mobile view of the website and will automatically expand on a desktop. Columns are stacked for easy reading on any device.

And Wait A Moment, There's More If You Need It


Websites That Work For You

Need more than just a website? Maybe you want to sell products, offer registrations, memberships and have an exclusive members-only online blog/newsletter. 

Add On

E-Commerce Development

Selling digital products, memberships, courses, or physical products like tees and mugs? Make it easy for customers to purchase from your website, get immediate access or email responses and create lifelong customers you can sell to over and and over again. 

Add On

Membership Integration

Still trying to figure out where to store membership information only to find software that is not user friendly or way to expensive?
Why not use an integrated membership allowing members to log in from the website, (staying on the website) to access their membership information, make updates to their profile, renew their membership, view member-only content, and more!
This solution also allows visitors to register online to become a member and process a quick payment. (see payment integrations)

Add On

Legal Documents

It's important to follow the law when it comes to your online presence. Yes, anyone can create a website, but you can still be held liable if you do not inform your visitors about the purpose of your site, and what you do with any information collected from your site. This is an important step most organizations miss which could cause potential problems down the road.
Sabas designs works with a law affiliate to give you the most current legal documents from a top Harvard grad lawyer who specializes in online marketing. And we have an affordable price to make it a 'no brainer'. Better to be safe than sorry.

Add On

Ticketing & Registrations

If your organization hosts any events, try out my favorite robust event ticketing and registration platform for endless amounts of customization.
This is a perfect solution for Highland Games and other festivals with various registrations for athletic, dance, and music competitions taking place. Most ticketing platforms do not have the option to provide all registrations and ticketing in one system giving us detailed and streamlined analytics in one spot.

Add On

Donation Page

All sites with 501(C)(3) documentation include a 'make a gift' account set up to offer tax-deductible donations (no extra fees taken from donations).  Automatic receipt of donation is created and sent to the donor. The donation received goes directly to the bank account of your choice.
*You enter your bank account information and we never have access to this. 

Add On

Payment Integrations

Need to accept payments on your site safely and securely.  This feature allows you to accept membership payments, donations, or sell merchandise directly from your website.
Providing visitors with a quick and simple online payment will generate more sales than making them work to get payment to you.

Add On

Support Packs

I offer support packs for heavy lifting when you need it. If you want to update your site regularly with text and photos, you can do this on your own using my drag and drop builder with tutorials. If you want to integrate a new service on your site, then my support packs are a great option. You get two hours of support with all packages, but when you need more, you can obtain those as an add on!

Add On

Email Service

Having an email service provider is crucial to sending out timely emails to the right group of people - legally.
Save time and be more efficient in your organization by created segmented lists of members verses nonmembers. Send out automatic emails when new visitors sign up to learn more about your organization. This way you are enticing them to join without having to manually send emails out every time there is a new interest.

Other Services I Provide

Graphic Design Services

Do you have a style guide for your organization so everyone on your team is consistently using the same colors and fonts? 

Do you need a logo? Do you need to clean up your logo? Do you need banners and images for socials? 

Talk to me about your needs and I'll put a package together for you with templates you can use over and over again! 

Logo Design Packages

Your logo should be quick and easy to access for print materials and digital representation. You should have a folder full of various sizes and colors that match your branding.  Your style guide will serve to always remind your team of the fonts and colors used in the organization. This will save you time, money and ensure you always have a professional look. 

Talk to me about your logo needs and I will help make your logo asset folder is complete. 

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