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The Introduction To Your Org

As a former competitive Highland Dancer and a Scottish musician, I've seen a lot of websites for Scottish Clans, Organizations and Festivals! As a web developer, I know I can help drastically improve the overall online presence of most Scottish orgs....and I want to!

The website you have speaks volumes about how active you are, and how in tune you are with your audience. Want more members, more attendees and more volunteers? Then you must start with your website and I'm more than happy to help!

I can build you site, manage your hosting, and integrate website features for Payment processing with Memberships, Online Stores, and Event Ticketing.  Best of all, I can do this on a budget. 


Solving Problems

Scottish Festivals and Orgs have some very specific needs that can be met through proper online marketing tools and services. Most of the time volunteers in your group may not be familiar with how to make these services work or think it may be too costly. Here is what I can do to increase membership and save you time and money.

Online Store

If you want to start leveraging the tools available to sell products and services online, add an online store to your site.

Donation Page

All sites with 501(C)(3) documentation include a 'make a gift' account set up to offer tax-deductible donations (no extra fees taken from donations).

Legal Documents

It's important to follow the data protection laws when it comes to your online presence. Have peace of mind with the 3 website legal terms all websites should have.


An integrated membership log-in from your website where members can view member-only content and update their memberships. This is a must for most Scottish orgs!  This feature when used correctly should increase your membership by 30%!

Email Service

Get integrated with an email service provider and send out automated emails to your members. You can schedule them all in advance or send them out when there is a need! Consistent emails to your members helps with membership retention. Consistent emails to nonmembers helps build a trust which leads to a future membership.

Ticketing and Registrations

If your organization hosts any events, I can provide you with a robust event ticketing and registration platform for endless amounts of customization to meet all your registration needs. With endless amounts of data, reporting and automated responses to ticket buyers it's a more affordable solution than your big box online ticketing platforms.

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